Counter Terror: Global Strike

Counter Terror: Global Strike

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How to play Counter Terror: Global Strike?

Explore the exciting world of Counter Terror: Global Strike while enjoying a unique version that pays homage to Valve Corporation's famous and iconic Counter-Strike. Terrorism has taken over the world, plunging it into absolute chaos and you and your team are the only ones qualified to put an end to this real catastrophe.

Form a powerful team of special anti-terrorist forces with the best soldiers in the country and do everything possible to eradicate the threats in strategic locations. Use all kinds of powerful weapons, test your amazing aim and shooting accuracy and succeed in every mission. Don't let a single terrorist cell take power and train hard to take your team of soldiers to the elite of the counter terrorists.

Who created Counter Terror: Global Strike?

This game has been developed by CyberGameDev.

  • MOVE
  • AIM
  • JUMP
  • 1 -
  • 9 ARMAS

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