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How to play Calturin?

It's time to have a great time with Calturin, in a thrilling Bullet Hell game in which you must survive relentless curtains of bullets as you face off against powerful, bloodthirsty and furious bosses. Are you ready for an unusual adventure full of excitement?

The story tells how a powerful necromancer, who has you in his power, resurrected you and promised you freedom if you agreed to travel through mysterious interdimensional portals to face terrifying and lethal beings ready to wipe out any life form that crosses your path. Will you manage to slay them one by one to regain your longed-for freedom?

Who created Calturin?

This game was developed by Lasse Zacho Malver.

  • MOVE
  • o SHOOT
  • p ESCUDO
  • k CURAR


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