Escape Barry Obby Parkour

Escape Barry Obby Parkour

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How to play Barry's Prison Obby Parkour?

Get ready to enjoy a fun game with Escape Barry Obby Parkour where you will have to face an exciting 3D obstacle course testing your skills as a professional jumper. Are you ready to escape from the maximum security prison where you are trapped while enjoying parkour in this adventure that perfectly combines fantasy, real life, unique sounds and very special graphics?

Overcome all kinds of challenges, jump without fear, put your reflexes to the test and dive right into this magical adventure, doing your best to reach the finish line without a scratch and fearlessly tackle the unexplored corners of the long journey that awaits you. It's time to have fun!

Who created Escape Barry Obby Parkour?

This game was developed by OneY Games Studio.

  • MOVE
  • AIM
  • JUMP


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