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How to play Among Us: Online Edition?

Among Us: Online Edition is a stealth adventure game created by fans of the famous and acclaimed Among Us! Take on the role of an impostor who has infiltrated a crew of astronauts and roam the ship while preventing the characters, fellow crew members, from fixing the spaceship's damage by killing them one by one without getting caught.

Will you manage to complete your mission and prevent the spacecraft from sabotaging the ship so that it stays on course and survives? It sounds simple, but any false move can mean that you risk your life! Enjoy cute colorful graphics and prove that you are the king of stealth - good luck!

What is Among Us about?

In Among Us, you play the role of a member of a space mission in crisis. Several impostors have slipped among the crew and are trying to sabotage the system. Our role will be to discover, annihilate and expel these impostors, while performing certain maintenance tasks on the ship. Or (if we are assigned the role among us impostor) to sabotage the onboard systems and assassinate the crew without being discovered. The games are played in environments that host between 4 and 15 players online.

What is the point of tormenting in among us?

This ability is specific to ghost players. Ghosts will continue to perform the functions of what was their role in life, but now with new abilities and limitations. For example, they cannot communicate with other players, but they can pass through walls and objects. Through the ability to haunt, they move to a specific player to haunt him and hinder his activities.

What does among us' ship look like?

The maps present various internal layouts of the ship, more or less intricate. They all consist of multiple rooms, corridors and a system of trap doors. The rooms may contain equipment that is susceptible to sabotage. The trapdoor system allows saboteurs to move between them quickly and without being seen.

As a special feature of a particular ship or map, there will be a system of surveillance cameras, a vital signs indicator or even motion sensors.

What color are among us?

The player will be able to choose the color of his suit or avatar at the beginning of the game. In the free online version of this game (among us download is not necessary) there are 6 colors to select from: dark red, coffee brown, light blue, pine green, orange and black.

If you want to know how to log in among us and select your favorite color, pay attention. The selector is located in the upper right corner of the start menu screen. Under the "Your Color" indicator, the current color is displayed. Press the arrows to the right or left of the box to make the change.

When was Among Us created?

Among Us saw the light of day during the month of June 2018. At first, it was only available for mobile systems and PC. However, given its growing popularity, versions for desktop consoles were released starting in 2020. Currently, this video game accumulates tens of millions of downloads worldwide. Some new versions are Imposter Battle Royale, Among Us, the real imposter or Imposter 3D Horror online.

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