WORLDS Builder: Farm & Craft

WORLDS Builder: Farm & Craft


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How to play WORLDS Builder: Farm & Craft?

Command the mighty forces of nature to bring the world of your vision to life!
Create land and divide it from water, raise mountains and ignite volcanoes; spread boundless sands, lush forests and fields of gold throughout your land. Raise a mighty civilization and take it from antiquity to the space age. Nature, technology and society: all bend to your will ... Explore, trade, breed!

Immerse yourself in creative gameplay with City Builder, global simulator and MMO strategy elements!

WORLDS Builder features:

  • OPEN WORLD Form a perfect earth using the forces of nature.
  • POWERFUL ALCHEMY Perform elaborate reactions with elements
  • EXPERIMENTS WITH LIFE Discover the secrets of evolution and create various life forms
  • STRONG ECONOMY Gather resources, create items and sell them for profit
  • PRACTICAL EDUCATION Train experts in highly skilled professions
  • TRAVEL TO THE BEYOND Send expeditions in search of mysterious treasures

What's New:

  • 2 new levels added
  • Improved rewards in all chests
  • New orders with bonus points in the Tournament
  • Now you can get books as a reward for daily quests. Books will speed up the upgrade of settlers
  • Improved rewards for the Expeditions
  • Improved rewards in the Port
  • New quests added
  • Expedition return time is reduced
  • Arrival time of ships with new orders to the Port is reduced
  • Change of a team in the Expeditions became cheaper
  • Changes in the Clan Tower
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved game stability
  • Improved server stability


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