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How to play Wordle?

How to play Wordle?

Have fun with the daily word game Wordle. It's an addictive game that has half the internet hooked and has become the first viral game of 2022! Immerse yourself in a game of guessing a word every day, with a crossword format although it also has similarities with more games like Mastermind and really simple mechanics.

The goal is to guess a single word in just six tries. Type a random 5-letter word on the board and pay attention to the letters that will be marked in gray, green or yellow. These will be indicators that those letters are part of the mystery word:

  • Gray: The letter is missing.
  • 🟨Yellow color: The letter is there but the position is incorrect.
  • 🟩Green: The letter is there and the position is correct.

Enjoy a very special challenge and manage to guess the word hidden behind the board by demonstrating your incredible knowledge of Spanish vocabulary. Have fun.

Who created Wordle?

This game was developed by Josh Wardle. But the Colombian @danielfrg has created the Spanish version of the game of the moment.

What is the best word to start playing Wordle?

To try to guess the word faster, it is best to try to get the most information in the first 2 attempts. Then use the remaining 2 to guess what the next words are. But there are 2 words that can be used at the beginning such as Jealousy and Idean. The combination of these consonants and vowels help to tackle this puzzle because they contain some of the most commonly used letters. From this point on, you are halfway to solving the wordle today. Keep in mind that if you need to type the letter ñ or put wordle tildes you must use the ALT/OPTION key.

Tricks to beat Wordle

The main trick is to keep in mind the order to follow in order to have as quickly as possible the letters that make up the word of the day:

  • Start by trying to guess the vowels. Use a word with as many vowels as possible on the first try.
  • Continue with the consonants and keep in mind which are the most used in Spanish: 'r', 's', 'n' or 'l'.

Traps to get the word out of Wordle

If you have failed miserably you may want to cheat to win the Wordle, you can resort to some of the cheats that we show you:

  • If you have already used all 6 attempts and want to try again, you can log in incognito and you will have infinite possibilities to guess the word.
  • Another cheat to win at Wordle is to know all the words. To do this, in the source code you will find a list where all of them appear.
  • Finally, all players will share the word, and since the solution is always the same for all of them you can enter the social networks to see what is being commented on the solution.

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