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How to play Wordle?

Enjoy with Wordle an addictive game that has half the internet hooked and discover what generates so much interest to have become the first viral game of 2022! Immerse yourself in a word guessing game, with a crossword format and really simple mechanics.

Write random 5-letter words on the board and pay attention to the letters that will appear marked in gray, green or yellow. This will be indicators that those letters are part of the mystery word:

  • Gray color: The letter is missing.
  • 🟨Yellow color: The letter is there but the position is incorrect.
  • 🟩Green color: The letter is there and the position is correct.

Enjoy a very special challenge and manage to guess the word hidden behind the board by demonstrating your incredible vocabulary knowledge. Have fun!

Who created Wordle?

This game was developed by Josh Wardle.

Wordle can be also found in these platforms:


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