IRO: Puzzle Game

IRO: Puzzle Game

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How to play IRO: Puzzle Game?

IRO is a fun brain-teasing game. Match at least three like-colored slots in order to make them disappear and increase your total points so that you can clear each level with 3 stars.
Each tile on this 3x3 board has 3 slots where you can place color bands to solve each puzzle. If you manage to complete a full row, your combos will start adding to your score.
You can match color slots in rows, columns or diagonally, but also on the same tile. Did you get the hang of it already? Be careful, though – you won’t always get single color bands to place on your board, so the flow may overshadow your game strategy.
When playing IRO, you must plan your moves ahead. A single mistake may end up in game over, so take their consequences into account and control the final result. Don't mess it up.

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