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Warfare Area 2

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How to play Warfare Area 2?

An enemy battalion has decided to break into your military base to destroy it, and you can't let them do that! It's time to wield a powerful assault rifle as you dive into a thrilling first-person shooter game called Warfare Area 2. Are you ready to feel the thrill running through your skin!

Your unique but complicated and dangerous mission is to try to eliminate all the enemies that cross your path. To do this, go through your environment with great caution and collect first aid kits to heal your wounds if you are unlucky enough to be hit by one of their bullets. Protect your back at all times and navigate a 3D environment full of unexplored nooks and crannies until your base is completely cleared of all the scum.

Who made Warfare Area 2?

This game was developed by SDV Imants Klava.

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