Tap 3D Wood Block Away

Tap 3D Wood Block Away

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How to play Tap 3D Wood Block Away?

If you are a puzzle lover, Tap 3D Wood Block Away has come to your computer to give you a lot of fun while you demonstrate your incredible puzzle-solving potential! Will you manage to clear the screen of wooden blocks in record time?

Devise carefully thought-out strategies and do your best to move each wooden block in the right order until not a single one is left on the stage. Avoid obstructing your movements, watch the arrow indicating the direction carefully and advance little by little rotating the figure if you need to until you dismantle the cube of blocks in each level. The difficulty will increase as the game progresses, so put your logic and critical thinking skills to the test and don't let a small mistake ruin your magnificent play! Good luck...

Who created Tap 3D Wood Block Away?

This game is developed by Playmarketing ou.

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