Super Metroid: Ascent

Super Metroid: Ascent

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How to play Super Metroid: Ascent?

Enjoy with Super Metroid: Ascent an epic adaptation of the classic Nintendo game! Are you ready to live an experience full of emotion where you will have to go through the infinite labyrinths of the planet Zebes while you unlock new paths, explode some bombs and access new rooms to annihilate one by one your opponents?

Help Samus Aran, the main character of the game in her incredible power suit, fight against dangerous space pirates who have introduced a strange larvae-like creature to the planet that will wreak havoc on the world if you don't stop them. Will you have the courage to survive this adventure alive and bring peace back to the planet Zebes?

Who created Super Metroid: Ascent?

This amazing hack of the Nintendo classic has been developed by Benox50.

  • MOVE
  • a SHOOT
  • z JUMP

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