Super Buddy Archer

Super Buddy Archer

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How to play Super Buddy Archer?

To play Super Buddy Archer, you have to be a good aimer!

Aim and shoot the arrows to break the ropes holding the little Buddies, or they will die by drowning. Complete levels, improve your score and unlock many achievements in this spectacular game.

Your new best friend is back! Play with Buddy and save him from the rope by clearing all the levels. Aim with your bow to shoot the arrows and cut the rope to save your friend. Collect stars to unlock new and exciting levels and solve all the puzzles with different kinds of objects like TNT, bounces, boxes, sharks and other obstacles.

This time the adorable Buddys are about to be hanged and they need help to free themselves, you will have the chance in each level to aim and shoot a limited number of arrows to be able to free the little characters but be careful not to hurt them too much, in some levels you have to calculate the angle so the arrows can hit the targets. Use the dynamites to make them explode and free them with the explosion.

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