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How to play StopotS?

Enjoy with StopotS the online version of the game known as Stop, Basta, Tutti Frutti, Lápiz Quieto, Mercadito or Bachillerato where you must choose the themes that will later serve to create a fun dynamic during the game.

At the beginning, you must choose the themes, which will then serve as the basis for the dynamics of the game such as names, colors, liquids, animals, countries, athletes and once defined you can start the round! Choose your user name and click on play to play against all your opponents. You will be able to create a game room in which you can include your preferences, the number of rounds and the number of players. Once the game starts, all participants must answer correctly to each topic using the letter drawn on the screen. Whoever answers all the topics first, activates "Stop", which makes all the other players stop answering at the exact moment. The validity of the answer for each topic is checked by assigning 0 points for an invalid answer, 5 for a repeated valid answer and 10 for a single valid answer. Test your knowledge and your great imagination and enjoy this crazy game!

Who created StopotS?

This game has been developed by Gartic.

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