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How to play 8 Ball Pool?

Have you ever dreamed of being a pool master? Now you can fulfill your dream in Miniplay with 8 Ball Pool, the award-winning online pool simulator. Connect to the multiplayer mode and challenge everyone to become the champion.

How do I play 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool follows the basic rules of 8-ball pool. One of the players will start the game by throwing the white ball against the other balls placed in a triangle. The first ball he manages to sink will determine which balls he will play with for the rest of the game, smooth or striped. The player who manages to sink all the balls of his type first and only at the end, the black 8-ball, wins, right? But there are other rules to keep in mind if you want to win:

  • If you hit a ball that is not your type (plain or striped) with the cue ball, you will lose your turn and your opponent will start his turn by placing the cue ball wherever he wants.
  • If you put the cue ball in a hole you will lose your turn and your opponent will start his turn by placing the cue ball wherever he wants.
  • If you pocket the black 8-ball without the designated time, you will lose the game.
  • If you pocket the cue ball at the same time as the black 8-ball, you will lose the game.
  • If you have to sink the black 8-ball and hit another ball before you sink it, you will lose the game.

Join 8 Ball Pool and play random games as a guest, or create an account and enjoy numerous extra features, exclusive to members:

  • Create games and play against your friends.
  • Participate in the 8 Ball Pool Tournaments.
  • Level up and show your rank.
  • Unlock the aesthetic elements and customize the cue and the pool table.

How to level up quickly in 8 Ball pool?

It is essential that you have special cues. A correct cue gives you advantages in strength, aiming, spin and also enhances your innate talent to play online billiards. To get the legendary cues and win easily, you will need to get the legendary boxes. These boxes are priced at 20 euros and you can get them in the app store.

How to change photo money in 8 Ball Pool?

If you want to change the avatar picture in the game, you have to change your mobile profile picture, go to the game settings and delete storage data. When you open the game again, it will recognize your account photo.

Who created 8 Ball Pool?

This great pool game was developed by Miniclip in 2010, based on a previous success, 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool. With the main goal being to create a game with outstanding gameplay, easy to use multiplayer and nice graphics, it also worked on as many devices as possible. Its success was instantaneous and over the years they have been adding a multitude of features that have been improving the experience. 8 Ball Pool has everything to be one of your favorite games in Minigames, and it's just a click away.

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