Rainbow But It’s Alphabet Lore

Rainbow But It’s Alphabet Lore

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How to play Rainbow But It’s Alphabet Lore?

Rainbow But It's Alphabet Lore is a survival game in which you get lost in a classroom ruled by alphabet monsters.

You will transform into a letter character to join other characters and perform quests to escape the room. All the letters of the alphabet can become a character for you to choose the one you like the most. You can become a naughty P, a slow Q or a curious Y.

What are the main features of Rainbow But It's Alphabet Lore?

  • Beautiful letter graphics: Everything you see in this world will be letters of the alphabet.
  • Smooth controls: The alphabet survival game will be very satisfying to experience.
  • Daily updates: New levels will be updated daily so that your alphabet game can go on forever.
  • Over 100 levels: Lots of alphabet challenges for you to explore.
  • Several boss battles: Terrifying bosses are waiting for you, do you dare to face them?
  • Simple gameplay: The game is easy to play, let's escape the room together.
  • Available for both children and adults: Alphabet legend game for everyone.
  • It is compatible with both your computer and your phone or tablet.

Who developed Rainbow But It's Alphabet Lore?

Bin Studio has created this fun crazy adventure game.

Rainbow But It’s Alphabet Lore can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE

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