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How to play Parrot Simulator?

Are you a bird lover? With Parrot Simulator you will have the opportunity to live in first person the life of a parrot. At the beginning, you will travel around a large tropical island being weak and small, so you will have to manage to survive by searching for food and defending yourself from the attack of huge predators.

As time goes on, you'll age and grow in size until you become a strong and brave adult parrot, and you can become a parent by courting a mate to raise lots of chicks! Level up, improve your physical skills, find a good shelter from the elements and travel the world discovering new forests, fields, cities and lots of new species. During your travels you'll have the chance to help others of your kind in exchange for interesting offers. Will you be able to form a flock of parrots to travel the world with?

Parrot Simulator can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE
  • AIM
  • e VOLAR


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