Merge Survivor: Zombie!

Merge Survivor: Zombie!

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How to play Merge Survivor: Zombie!?

Merge Survivor: Zombie! is a unique 3D roguelike shooting and survival game, in which you will have to arm yourself with the most powerful weapons to defeat endless hordes of dangerous, bloodthirsty zombies.

Get new weapons that you can unlock thanks to the money you accumulate with each victory and merge those that are identical to make them evolve to a much more complex and destructive. Flee from your pursuers along a map infested with dangers and fight with all your strength to get more power by upgrading your equipment. Sow peace in the world, exterminate this race ready to wipe out humanity and live an exciting experience to prove your bravery and intelligence. Have a great time!

Who created Merge Survivor: Zombie!

This game was developed by Spatial Games.

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