Idle Arks: Build At Sea

Idle Arks: Build At Sea

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How to play Idle Arks: Build At Sea?

Oh no! A terrible flood has left the world completely submerged underwater. It's time to put your survival skills and knowledge to the test in Idle Arks Build at Sea as you try to build sturdy arks to ensure the survival of the human race and all living things on planet Earth.

Are you ready to work tirelessly as you invest your profits in buying upgrades and materials to improve your ark? Enjoy fantastic 3D graphics, collect wood, floating bottles, treasure chests and other mysterious building materials floating in the vastness of the ocean, expand your crew by collecting poor survivors and become the captain of a great ship - the bigger your crew, the faster you build! There are 100 different building materials and a world of changing backgrounds with storms, closed nights, sunny days and much more to discover.

Who created Idle Arks Build at Sea?

This game is developed by BHome.

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