Friday Night Funkin' vs Sonk.rom

Friday Night Funkin' vs Sonk.rom

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How to play Friday Night Funkin' vs Sonk.rom?

FNF vs Sonk.rom is a one-song Friday Night Funkin' mod about a particular hacker known as Sonk. Be careful and don't let your computer get hacked!

Boyfriend was on the street, when he found a Windows 95 laptop in the trash, so he took it home and turned on the PC. When he was on the desktop, a little guy named Sonk (Full name Sonk.rom), it seems that the former owner of the laptop was a friend of the creator of the romhack Sonk and got the file, which when he tried to hack Sonic 1, became a serious Virus.

So Boyfriend connected the PC to the internet and since there was a webcam on it, Sonk decided to look up who it was and when he found that it was a famous character who sings with a lot of people, he decided to open a window and sing with Boyfriend.

Who created Friday Night Funkin' vs Sonk.rom?

This MOD has been made by Bluespike (Director, Coder and Charter), Splatoon Logan (Artist, Animator and Code Helper), axlturo_punkin (Musician), Riceeeeeee (Artist and Dio Ideas), Hembot (Made Icons and Helped to make the logo) and Kirby Popstar (Made the character Sonk.rom).


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