Friday Night Funkin' vs Mecha

Friday Night Funkin' vs Mecha

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How to play Friday Night Funkin' vs Mecha?

Help Boyfriend take on a terrifying, heartless killing machine called Mecha Sonic in the new Friday Night Funkin' vs Mecha mod! This dangerous robot developed by the disturbed and evil mind of Dr. Eggman needs to retrieve the 7 powerful Chaos Gems to defeat Sonic and plunge the world into the deepest darkness.

Our dear Boyfriend needs your help once again! He's got all those gems in his possession locked away in a safe place and Mecha demands that he gets them back! The challenge will be to face off in a new musical duel where your opponent will have to prove he's better than you if he wants to get the gems for good. Join our favorite rapper in his adventure and help him leave his opponent completely sunk and with no chance of winning as you enjoy the biggest showdown you've ever faced, feel the beat roll off your skin and enjoy this great challenge like a child!

Who created Friday Night Funkin' vs Mecha?

This mod was developed by Kkirby999, Clowfoe, GrapeLOL and WassabiSoja.


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