FNF VS Lord X Wrath

FNF VS Lord X Wrath

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How to play FNF VS Lord X Wrath?

NFF VS Lord X Wrath is another new Friday Night Funkin' mod merged with Sonic.EXE that you won't want to miss under any circumstances! Get ready to sing a total of six high-quality songs as you help Boyfriend fight Lord X, the main antagonist in OTH305's Sonic (PC Port), a game that reinvents the original version of Sonic.EXE.

Sing without fear, sing each of the chords with precision and don't miss a single note or this terrifying version of our beloved blue hedgehog will make you lose. Show all your talent and manage to establish peace in the city of Funkytown once again. Good luck...

Who created FNF VS Lord X Wrath?

This mod has been developed by Mr. X, Anton2fangs, JustRedBird, PootReturns, GlassByrneZ, Meatball, Jiper, Mittergen, Joako79, AlbertDev and many other artists.


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