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How to play Cute World Craft?

Cute World Craft is a game inspired by the famous world of Minecraft where you must guide your player through a magical open world where you will have the chance to live hundreds of exciting adventures.

Players will be able to build anything they want using blocks of different materials and transport objects to place them in the right place, creating unique environments and spaces in a world full of nature, water, animals, incandescent lava and waves of enemies and dangers. Everything you propose has a place in this fascinating virtual world! Experience endless fun, put your imagination to the test and certainly enjoy demonstrating your incredible talent as a builder. Good luck...

What does Cute World Craft offer?

  • Detailed and unique graphics.
  • Details in every corner of your environment.
  • Build with over 100 standard blocks, up to 400 different objects, 24 building blocks, trees and even some musical blocks.
  • Unique use of symmetry to build.
  • An open and unlimited world.

Who created Cute World Craft?

CTP~design has been the studio in charge of developing this Minecraft game.

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