Crazy Office: Slap & Smash

Crazy Office: Slap & Smash

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How to play Crazy Office: Slap & Smash?

Get ready to fearlessly deal out a lot of slaps in the office! Will you manage to let off steam after a long day at work in the game Crazy Office Slap & Smash as you beat up your co-workers with the help of a baseball bat.

Slide back and forth and fearlessly slap all the characters until you reach your boss and successfully overcome the final battle. Are you ready to dive into this unique adventure? Some characters will throw a ball at you to attack you, but you will have to be quick to return the ball thanks to your incredible aim, don't give up in the face of danger, protect your life at all times and have the time of your life!

Who created Crazy Office: Slap & Smash?

Freeplay Inc has developed this game of hitting your boss.

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