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Bot Machines details

Are you ready to blow off steam and blow everything up? At Bot Machines you will have the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Enjoy an incredible action-packed real-time multiplayer game where your mission is to dominate the opposing team by blowing up their vehicles using the powerful weapons included in your tank. You will be able to customize your vehicle with all kinds of machine guns and destructive weapons, you can also change the size of their wheels and add all kinds of accessories that allow you to be the best of the battle. Test your battle skills and feel the adrenaline rush on your skin as you ride through and explore amazing hyper-realistic 3D environments. Take on players from all over the world and prove that you're the best!

What features does Bot Machines have?

  • Real-time multiplayer game.
  • Explore a 3D environment with realistic graphics.
  • Customize your vehicle with all kinds of weapons and big wheels.
  • Protect your swords from enemy attacks.
  • Knock down your enemies one by one and get the victory

Who created Bot Machines?

This game has been developed by Lucas Wilde and distributed by Blayze Games

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