The Shiny Ones

The Shiny Ones

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The Shiny Ones details

The Shiny Ones is an exciting game of strategy and defense towers in which you will have to prevent dangerous creatures from invading your lands and destroying everything behind the barrier. Don't let a carelessness or bad organization of your defenses allow your kingdom to fall apart.

Watch the scenario carefully and figure out the right way to position your towers to protect your own and boost their energy to make your mission easier. As the game progresses, your enemies will become increasingly fierce, and you'll be able to survive the 20 exciting levels that await you - invest your winnings wisely and don't waste your money! It's time to prove you're the best captain a kingdom could wish for. Good luck...

What features does The Shiny Ones offer?

  • Enjoy 20 unique and exciting levels.
  • Build defense towers at strategic points on the stage.
  • Boost their energies by investing your money wisely.
  • Survive at all costs from the attack of your invaders.