The Final Disaster

The Final Disaster

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The Final Disaster details

The New Year's Eve party has gone really badly, will you manage to rescue thousands of lives? The Final Disaster is a fun, action-packed arcade game in which you must test your amazing reflexes in order to rescue as many people as possible before a giant disco ball crushes you and ends your life!

Dodge the obstacles in the path of the chaos of this surreal situation as you carry dozens of survivors to safety on your shoulders. Once you get your shoulders off your shoulders, get back into the dangerous race! Will you manage to break the record of lives saved?

What features stand out in The Final Desaster?

  • Run away from a giant disco ball at full speed.
  • Avoid colliding with obstacles in the way.
  • Rescue as many human lives as you can and keep them from being crushed to death.
  • Unload all the survivors into the safe areas that have been set up.

Who created Final Disaster?

This game has been developed by BenTenure

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