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Stair Race 3D

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How to play Stair Race 3D?

Stair Race 3D has arrived on our screens to make us enjoy a unique challenge and full of excitement in which you must control a stickman character and collect the steps scattered around the stage of your own to try to build a ladder that allows you to reach the top before your opponents.

It's time to test your bravery and reflexes as you try to race across the arena to reach the podium in record time, but watch out! Enemies with more boards collected than you can easily knock you down when you collide with them, causing you to lose all your boards. But if you're smart, this option also works in reverse, allowing you to increase the amount of boards you carry on your back to complete your challenge faster - build stairs without stopping and have fun reaching the top of the podium!

Who created Stair Race 3D?

This game was developed by Famobi.

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