Smash Ragdoll Battle

Smash Ragdoll Battle

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How to play Smash Ragdoll Battle?

Smash Ragdoll Battle is a fun and aggressive 2D ragdoll fighting game in which you must test your anger and killer instinct. Will you manage to move through the stage at full speed to mercilessly annihilate your enemies?

Swing from side to side in the arena, taking into account the angle and centrifugal force of the weapon attached to your chain, and take the momentum to quickly approach your opponents and defeat them with as few strikes as possible. You can dodge the enemy's attack by testing your excellent reaction skills and take advantage of their confusion to defeat them. Invest all your money in buying lots of upgrades that will increase your attack power and the violence of your blows, and enjoy sowing chaos and destruction wherever you go. Good luck!



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