Scribble Grass Cutter

Scribble Grass Cutter

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How to play Scribble Grass Cutter?

Scribble Grass Cutter will make you relax and let go of stress like never before! Calm your nerves thanks to a fun and totally free lawn mowing game where you'll have to sharpen your wits to draw powerful blades agile enough to cut as many blades of grass as you can.

Constantly redraw the blades to increase or decrease the speed as you please and compete against your neighbors as you find a way to climb a big hill and reach the finish line in first place. As long as you mow the lawn faster than your opponents, you'll be rewarded with food for your pets - can you feed them to their bellies and make them really happy?

Who created Scribble Grass Cutter?

This game was developed by Liz Smith.

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