Roller Ski Queen

Roller Ski Queen

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How to play Roller Ski Queen?

Test your balance and skills with Roller Ski Queen and train hard until you become the most dazzling skating queen in the world! Sport is your passion and your good physical qualities have made you really competitive, are you ready to lose this race or will you try your best to win the big one?

Put on your colorful skates with their sharp blades, tie the laces tightly and get your momentum going at full speed through a unique circuit completely covered with ice. The path, apparently simple, will start to put dozens of obstacles, traps, steep slopes and endless obstacles to test your good reflexes. Will you manage to leave behind all your opponents despite the difficulties? Only then, with your determination and your desire to be the best, will you be able to overtake them all to cross the finish line in first position. Customize your beautiful clothes and change them into a very special jersey - good luck and have fun!

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