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Puzzle Fuzzle

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How to play Puzzle Fuzzle?

Are you ready to face the most magical and colorful challenges you can imagine in the fun Puzzle Fuzzle game? You'll have up to 100 unique levels full of puzzles to solve as you enjoy detailed graphics to unleash your inner artist and test your wits. Not everyone will be able to solve every single level.

Not everyone will be able to solve every single level, so push your brain to the max and create new masterpieces using the different pieces you'll find on the screen! There are lots of hidden components, so you'll have to try your best to take apart some images part by part to get the desired result. Read carefully the figure you'll have to represent in each level and quickly find the way to solve this complex puzzle! Find the moon hidden in a piece of cheese and a balloon, a medal in a T-shirt and a shining sun, even an ice cream in a cute octopus and a flag - test your great imagination and relax combining the shapes and figures on the screen! Once you start, you won't be able to stop playing. Good luck...

Who created Puzzle Fuzzle?

This game was developed by Lion Studios.

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