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How to play Poptropica?

Poptropica is a popular virtual world, created in 2007 by Jeff Kinney for children from 6 to 15 years old.

In this great update you must explore the stories of each Poptropica island and solve the challenges that await you. Create your Poptropican character, and start exploring the world of Poptropica.

Collect gold fragments when you first enter Poptropica and get a prize. Take an airship ride and check the map to explore the islands. Travel to each island to uncover a mystery, and collect your gold medallion once you've solved it.

Here are some Poptropica tips and tricks:

  • Explore each area thoroughly: Each island will have some areas for you to explore as you complete the challenges. Be sure to look around from side to side, top to bottom to get the full scope of each island - you may even discover hidden items that can be useful in your adventures!
  • Socialize: You'll find plenty of non-playable characters on each island to talk to. Chatting with each character on the island is a good way to find out what you should do next, if you ever get stuck. Certain characters are important to help you progress through the adventure, so be sure to talk to them all!
  • Consult the road map: In some levels, you will get a road map showing the objectives of each island. It's a useful tool found by clicking on the menu in the upper right corner. The roadmap will tell you what to do next to complete your adventure on that island.

Who created Poptropica?

Jeff Kinney, the creator also of Greg's Diary, developed Poptropica in 2007 with the goal of helping players use their creativity to its full potential and the opportunity to hone their literacy and problem solving skills to complete the objectives of each island.

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