Pet Healer: Vet Hospital

Pet Healer: Vet Hospital

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How to play Pet Healer: Vet Hospital?

Pet Healer: Vet Hospital invites you to show your love for animals as you do your best to cure and care for them in your large veterinary hospital. What kind of situations await you every day at work?

Receive your clients and their pets, do a little check-up of your patient and find out what's wrong with them so that you can give them the best possible treatment. Invest your profits from a job well done to unlock countless upgrades, get new medications and learn how to quickly cure your patients - have fun while you take your business to the top!

Who created Pet Healer: Vet Hospital?

This game was developed by Gmamba Studio.

Pet Healer: Vet Hospital can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE


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