My Craft: Craft Adventure

My Craft: Craft Adventure

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How to play My Craft: Craft Adventure?

Will you manage to help a boy trapped in the world of Minecraft escape in the game My Craft: Craft Adventure? Do your best to overcome dozens of dangerous obstacles without a single scratch while collecting gold coins and annihilating lots of wild animals with your sharp sword.

Get lost in a complex labyrinth in the middle of the forest, jump from platform to platform, advance without fear and accumulate numerous stars thanks to your great success. Thanks to your magnificent work and your great courage you will be able to accumulate the money needed to unlock new skins for your character and countless new weapons - there are more than 100 unique levels waiting for you! Are you ready to beat them all?

Who created My Craft: Craft Adventure?

This game was developed by Bin Studio.

My Craft: Craft Adventure can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE

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