Herobrine vs Monster School

Herobrine vs Monster School

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How to play Herobrine vs Monster School?

Herobrine vs Monster School is a game inspired by the famous and classic Mr Bullet; in which you must help our friend Herobrine to mercilessly annihilate hundreds of zombies with the help of a bow and lots of sharp arrows.

The students of Monster School are making life miserable for poor Herobrine, making fun of him and his talent, but they have no idea who they've messed with! Quickly load the arrows of your crossbow and fight bravely against terrifying creatures making good use of the laws of physics and your incredible aim - don't give in to your dangerous opponents, take a deep breath and defend your honor as you deserve!

Who created Herobrine vs Monster School?

This mod has been developed by Stickman vs Monster School Team.

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