Farmers Stealing Tanks

Farmers Stealing Tanks

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How to play Farmers Stealing Tanks?

Step into the shoes of a humble Ukrainian farmer in the game Farmers Stealing Tanks and get ready to survive this terrible nightmare as you try to steal all the enemy tanks that are abandoned and out of fuel around your town.

Use the power of your tractor and a good trailer to drag them to the inside of your shed and take advantage while you run away to try to annihilate the enemy battleships that are trying to destroy you. Drink Nemiroff Vodka to double your speed for 10 seconds, you will have the chance to smash them to pieces with powerful lunges and you will gain numerous extra lives! Be careful not to get killed by stray bullets, hide from your enemies whenever possible and make them kill each other, try with your little help to make the world a less cruel and dangerous place and try to bring peace and end the war!

Who created Farmers Stealing Tanks?

Pixel Forest Games (ThrustVector9) created this game. You can also play it on

❤️ If you want to donate to Ukrainian orphans, you can do so at ❤️ Thank you!



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