Energy Seekers: IPD Contracts

Energy Seekers: IPD Contracts

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How to play Energy Seekers: IPD Contracts?

Energy Seekers: IPD Contracts is a 2D action, fighting and rhythm game in which you'll have to get into the role of Oscar, the owner of a cyborg and security business. You will have to accept assignments in which you will hunt some scavengers that cause chaos. Are you ready to have a good time?

Together with your dear friend Tak, a gun doctor, you will protect the dark streets of The Slums doing your best to exterminate evil completely by getting the highest score and doing your best to keep your business afloat. Fight with all your might and get ready to have a good time!

Who created Energy Seekers: IPD Contracts?

This game was developed by PixelHeadAche, Lydiummusic and ZAntonio65.

  • q ROTAR
  • h ATTACK

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