Dectructions of Balls

Dectructions of Balls

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How to play Dectructions of Balls?

Dectructions of Balls is a racing game in which you will have to help a boy with a curious helmet full of spikes to advance through a world full of balloons and inflatable creatures that you will have to explode with the help of the darts you collect along the way.

Your only objective will be to collect as many balloons as you can while avoiding dying at the hands of your enemies and once you reach the end of the road dodging dozens of obstacles, get ready to fly, collect lots of bills and reach the finish line to multiply your profits. It seems simple, but one wrong move can lead you to fall off the cliff and die on the spot. Jump, pass dozens of exciting levels and cross the finish line in the blink of an eye - good luck!

Who created Dectructions of Balls?

This game was developed by ЯЮниор.



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