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Castle of Magic

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How to play Castle of Magic?

A couple of nice friends bored with an old broken video game decide to focus on a new adventure. After finding a strange chest, a bright light came out of it, transporting them to a magical and unknown universe. What kind of surprises await you in the game Castle of Magic?

After reaching the inside of the castle, a sinister and evil wizard named Nefatex appears telling you that if you want to get your beloved Jenny back, you must cross all the worlds alive until finally defeating him in a dangerous duel to the death. Enjoy unique environments, fly, walk on the ceiling, face really special creatures and cross a total of 5 magical universes to save your life and that of your friend from the clutches of this terrifying enemy. Are you ready to prove that there is nothing and no one capable of defeating you thanks to your courage?

Who created Castle of Magic?

This game was developed by Gameloft SE.

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