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Candy Crusher details

Since the appearance of Candy Crush in 2012, many copies have been released, most of them quite bad. But Candy Crusher is quite addictive as it has a peculiarity and that is that you increase the level as you explode the candy. This makes it quite fun as the board will increase in size.

Many of you already know how these tile matching games work, so there is little to explain. Move the candies around to try to combine at least 3 equal candies and make them disappear.

Candy Crusher is a minimalist version with no advertising, no penalty for wrong moves and no time limit. You have 65 moves to try to get the highest score possible to achieve all the achievements of the game and appear in the ranking of Miniplay.

Who created Candy Crusher?

It's a game from Ravalmatic, a video game studio based in Barcelona. They have created other games like: Foot Chinko, or King Rügni: Tower Conquest among others.

What are you waiting for to enjoy this multiplatform game, where you can play from your PC or on any mobile device!