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How to play Wizardium?

Wizardium is a NFT asset and reward based Play-To-Earn game set in a metaverse where magic becomes reality.

Welcome to the crypto-magical metaverse of Wizardium, a universe filled with mystical objects and items of great rarity. Wizardium encourages you to choose your hero to immerse yourself in a world of magic and alchemy.

Explore unknown lands to find resources and minerals that you can throw into the magic cauldron to obtain the coveted Binance Smart Chain gems, the Wizardium currency known as $WIZZY tokens.

How to play Wizardium?

First of all you will have to buy your first NFT alchemist. The higher the level of your character, the sooner you will be able to get more valuable items that will provide you with the most precious rewards.

Send them to the unexplored lands of Wizrdium to have more chances of finding valuable items. If you are lucky you will find the most valuable items.

When you have your NFT items you can drop them into the magic cauldron to cook $WIZZY tokens.

Choose your Wizardium hero

Wizardium offers up to 9 heroes as NFTs that you can purchase for different amounts, each with their own health, energy and luck stats.

  • Felix: A furry and loyal friend who explores the world of magic in his own style; he knows the paths to wealth and glory.
  • Vitalis: A noble stag who with his magic staff is able to reveal secrets and hidden gems.
  • Tedius: A charming druid, very kind. His bag is full of gems and his lamp guides him to wealth.
  • Markus: A young alchemist and a great explorer. As fortune always smiles on him, he is able to find great loot.
  • Morteus: A powerful and brave hamster, he can read ancestral runes to find great treasures of gold.
  • Gustavus: A brave and daring lion of the royal family, victory is his middle name.
  • Xena: An attractive young witch who enchants with her gaze alone to get everything she desires.
  • Diva: A divine jellyfish who is a master of magic and enchantment; she is capable of directing you to the most precious treasures.
  • Argus: A majestic griffin, great explorer of land and air and amazing hunter of the most precious bounties.

How much does each hero cost?

Each hero has a different price according to his abilities; the prices are as follows:

  • Felix: $250 BUSD
  • Vitalis: $250 BUSD
  • Tedius: $250 BUSD
  • Markus: $250 BUSD
  • Morteus: $700 BUSD
  • Gustavus: $700 BUSD
  • Xena: $700 BUSD
  • Diva: $1200 BUSD
  • Argus: $1200 BUSD

Play Wizardium now to earn great rewards through your NFT assets, buy your hero, explore the magical meta-verse of Wizardium and earn money from your games!



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