Subway Surfers: World Tour Zurich

Subway Surfers: World Tour Zurich

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How to play Subway Surfers: World Tour Zurich?

Parkour racing is back in Minigames in Subway Surfers: World Tour Zurich, as you help our protagonist visit the Swiss city of Zurich and escape from the authorities when he gets caught painting graffiti in the city's subway. You can't let them catch you!

Flee through the subway tracks avoiding all the obstacles in your path, through dark tunnels, and dodging trains headed straight for you. Watch your step and put your reflexes to the limit as any failure will mean your capture and the end of the game. During the escape, you will find dozens of boosters and coins that will allow you to improve your game experience, your jumping ability and therefore the duration of the race. Customize your character with aesthetic elements that you will unlock with each race and get the highest score possible before crashing into a train or a huge wall. Will you be able to escape from your pursuers?


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