Stickman Portal Master

Stickman Portal Master

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How to play Stickman Portal Master?

It's time to enjoy a challenging adventure game with Stickman Portal Master as you try your best to overcome tricky levels by strategically placing portals to teleport you from one point of the stage to another and escape from the enemy that is out to harm you.

Challenge your wits, squeeze your brains to the max and do your best to turn your enemies' weapons and ammo against them, be much faster than your opponents, place the portals in a really precise location to succeed and unlock lots of boxes full of valuable rewards thanks to your good work! It's time to have a great time! Good luck...

Who created Stickman Portal Master?

This game was developed by AA2G1LtdS.

Stickman Portal Master can be also found in these platforms:

  • DRAW


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