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How to play Slope?

Do you like games with lots of action and fun? Try Slope in English! Guide the ball through tricky circuits and cover as much distance as possible - get ready to show all your skills and beat the high score!

Slope game rules

Although it's possible to play with some other key combinations, the best option is also the most obvious one: use the arrow keys to move where needed. The other options are q and a (move to the left), plus e and d (move to the right).
Your task is to guide the ball so that it continues forward, avoiding falling into the void or hitting the limits and obstacles (shown in red) that will appear. Remember that you can skirt the tunnels at the top, since they have horizontal limits.
As you advance, you will continue adding seconds and points. Your task is to score as many points as possible. However, the game will not make it easy for you, since the speed will increase and moving obstacles will appear.

Tricks to play Slope

The keys to Slope in English are the following:

  • Anticipate the obstacles. Whenever possible, keep your eyes on what is coming, so that you are not forced to act abruptly.
  • Make smooth turns whenever the terrain permits. Start turning as soon as possible.
  • Learn to control the boat. This requires a small correction at the moment of landing.
  • Measure your speed. As speed increases, turns must be made earlier.

An ideal game to unload adrenaline

Slope has a purely disco soundtrack and atmosphere. Its main premise is for the player to relax and unload adrenaline, while testing their reflexes. Your journey has no end: learn to tolerate impacts as part of the experience.

Who created Slope io?

The slope game was developed and distributed by Y8 Games, which, in turn, is part of the Y8 company. This company was founded in 2006 with the intention of developing small games for cell phones and web browsers. Subsequently, they created a portal intended to function as a social network for online gamers from all over the world. In which, small developers get the opportunity to share their work and receive feedback from the community.
The slope game has also been marketed for Android platforms.

Other versions of Slope

You can play Slope without downloading on Minigames or on the official Android versions (APK). Some of the most played versions are: Slope 2, Slope Extra, Slippery Slope, Slope Tunnel or Slope Run. which one do you dare to try?

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