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How to play Slashy Camp?

A small group of friends thought it would be fun to go camping for a weekend all together but, after arriving at their destination, something seems to go really wrong! Are you ready to step into the shoes of a bloodthirsty killer in a mask in the game Slashy Camp?

Take a sharp sabre and get ready to hunt dozens of victims as you run through the camp from one end to the other! Accumulate a high score thanks to your amazing reflexes and enjoy this sinister and fun adventure inspired by 80's horror movies. Gain experience as the game progresses and collect new sharp weapons along the way to become much more precise and ruthless, but be careful not to fall into traps like small campfires that will drain your life, deep lakes, sharp spikes and landmines or even dangerous pink killer bunnies! If you want to improve your score you can scare the campers before killing them. In addition, you can unlock new characters and have a great time playing the role of a vampire, a werewolf, a fish man and a huge green killer mass - get ready for the most beastly and bloody game of all time and break all the high score records!

What unique features does Slashy Camp have to offer?

  • Enjoy simple and colorful graphics full of details.
  • Unlock new movie characters.
  • Overcome dangerous and deadly obstacles along the way.
  • Collect lots of new weapons.
  • Mercilessly annihilate campers in the forest.

Who created Slashy Camp?

This game was developed by Blue Wizard Digital Inc.

Slashy Camp can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE


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