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How to play Minerest?

Enjoy a unique adventure inspired by the classic Minecraft! Are you looking forward to new challenges? Join your character in a unique adventure where you will have to be brave and patient to collect all kinds of natural resources, wood, stones and diamonds while facing dangerous creatures that will make your mission more difficult. In addition, you'll be able to hunt some animals to obtain food to recover energy and be strong enough to survive the dangerous attack that the night brings. The undead will do their best to end your life! Use your collected resources wisely and build a unique fortress with defense towers, thick walls and powerful weapons to defend your life - swap your beak for your sword depending on the action you're about to take and become the great survivor of this hecatomb!

What qualities will you find in Minerest?

  • Enjoy simple pixel graphics.
  • Move through a world of limited size
  • You will have all kinds of resources to build defenses.
  • Use the pick or the sword depending on the action you need to perform.
  • Hunt for food.
  • Build a strong barrier.
  • Survive the nightly attack with your wits and strength.

Who created Minerest?

This fun game has been developed by Wuzzy Wizard.

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