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Hyper Car

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How to play Hyper Car?

We already know that driving is one of your hidden passions and you can never get tired of it! Enjoy taking all kinds of risks at the wheel with the Hyper Car game as you drive a powerful 4x4 doing your best to keep your balance and advance to the finish line avoiding at all costs to overturn, fall off a cliff or fall to pieces because of a wrong move.

Look carefully at the environment and each of the circuits through which you move and do your best to understand the operation of physics to move forward without suffering any mishap. Have fun, hold the steering wheel with a great firmness and show your great experience as a professional driver to complete successfully as never before thanks to your great passion.

Who created Hyper Car?

This game was developed by Te Creater and belongs to one of the more than 100 games and challenges on Fancade, play and enjoy!

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