Hazmob FPS: Online PVP Shooter

Hazmob FPS: Online PVP Shooter


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How to play Hazmob FPS: Online PVP Shooter?

Hazmob FPS is the ultimate multiplayer action game!

Unleash tactical warfare in intense PvP battles, team up with your friends and dominate the multiplayer arena in adrenaline-fueled Hazmob FPS.

Customize your arsenal and become a legendary soldier. Engage in epic battles with players from around the world and improve your skills to rise through the ranks of elite soldiers, proving your worth in intense firefights.

With each victory, you will improve your skills and become a force to be reckoned with. Whether in a close-quarters shootout or in a long-range sniper duel, precision and quick reflexes will be your best allies.

What are the special features of Hazmob FPS?

  • 8 incredibly well-designed maps for the best FPS shooting experience.
  • Ranked Game mode to get ranks and coins.
  • Custom Game Mode to create your own game with your own rules for your friends.
  • Single Player Mode to play offline against monsters.
  • Customize your weapons and exclusive skins! There are 21 weapon types: Glock 18, USP tactical, P228, Desert Eagle, 50 AE, FN Five-seveN, Dual 96G Elite Berettas, MAC10, TMP, MP5 navy, UMP, P90, Galil, FAMAS, AK47, M4A1, SG-552, AUG, M249-SAW, Scout, G3/SG-1, SG-550 commando, AWP.

Who created Hazmob FPS: Online PVP Shooter?

Hazmob LTD has developed this amazing FPS game.

Hazmob FPS: Online PVP Shooter can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE
  • AIM
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  • 2
  • 3 ARMAS
  • 4
  • 5
  • JUMP
  • RUN


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