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Grimdark Survivors

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How to play Grimdark Survivors?

Grimdark Survivors is an arcade roguelite survival game in which you must do everything in your power to survive the onslaught of waves of murderous creatures! Will you manage to kill them one by one with the help of your powerful weapons while protecting your life, watching your back and collecting orbs?

Feel the adrenaline rush as you choose your favorite hero and prepare to dive into this tough battle. Each hero will offer a different play and attack style ensuring that the gameplay is always exciting and fresh. Unlock weapons of all kinds such as flamethrowers, assault rifles, submachine guns or bazookas and devise unique strategies to claim victory. Annihilate powerful bosses at the end of each battle and improve your skills thanks to your experience - good luck!

Who created Grimdark Survivors?

This game was developed by HITyara Games.

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