Greedy Goblins

Greedy Goblins

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How to play Greedy Goblins?

Help the dwarf protagonist in the game Greedy Gomblins save his beloved of elven origin from the dangerous clutches of some very greedy goblins! Are you ready to explore the environment and come back without a scratch?

Enjoy a total of 40 exciting levels and get ready to advance fearlessly through a hostile environment full of barriers, monsters and lots of traps. Get the key that will open the exit door, be much faster than your opponents and avoid dying at all times by being slower than your opponents. As the game progresses the dangers and obstacles will be much greater. Avoid all kinds of threats, collect gems that will increase your wealth and a refreshing beer that will fill empty hearts and

Who created Greedy Gomblins?

This game has been developed by CubePunks.

  • MOVE
  • x BOMBA
  • z RUN

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