FNF: Clown Consternation

FNF: Clown Consternation

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How to play FNF: Clown Consternation?

FNF: Clown Consternation (Madness Day 2022) is a mind-blowing Friday Night Funkin mod about a new and hectic day in the Nevada desert. Will you be able to survive a fascinating musical melee battle against the most diabolical version of Tricky, Hank and the grumpiest versions of Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Feel the music coursing through your veins to the rhythm of legendary songs from the famous "Madness Combat" series and make sure you don't miss a single chord. We know that shooting and singing at the same time is really complicated, but only someone like Boyfriend will be able to do it without batting an eyelash! Prove your worth by helping our good friend and have the time of your life. Good luck...

Who created FNF: Clown Consternation?

This mod has been developed by Buhmagedon, Guardian.xml, Dozen_Dimes, N3ps3n, Buppygrl, Ender2709, Banbuds, Illuztriouz and StickyBM.


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